St. Elizabeth Physicians’ Clinical Lipidologist has specialized knowledge and advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of lipid and lipoprotein disorders. Lipids are fats and normal levels are required for good health. Abnormally high or low lipid levels can lead to illness and cardiovascular disease, including arterial blockage, heart attack, and stroke. Our Lipidologist is board certified by both the American Board of Clinical Lipidology and the American Board of Family Medicine.

 Lipidologist's diagnose and treat many conditions including:

• Elevated cholesterol
• High glycerides
• High triglycerides
• Raised levels of lipoproteins
• Abnormal levels of chylomicrons
• High LDL-C and triglycerides
• A specific form of elevated cholesterol due to a chromosomal defect
• Diabetes Mellitus

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Robert St. Amant, MD