Educational Opportunities for Nursing

Relationship-Based Care Nursing Model Training

St. Elizabeth Hospital offers all nursing staff a 3-day intensive training, "Reigniting the Spirit of Caring."

This program is a collaboration of the work of national nursing leaders, including Jean Watson and Mary Koloroutis, and delivers practical models for the transformation of care. It is based on principles that shape behaviors and a way of being in the moment in a relationship.

The focus of Relationship-Based Care Nursing is to put patient and family at the center of care with teamwork, professional nursing, care delivery, resources, outcomes and leadership as contributing elements.

Preceptor Program

St. Elizabeth Hospital has a structured learning program for new hires and nursing interns (senior nursing students). Preceptors serve as experts and role models, and are chosen on the basis of 12 minimum qualifications.

On-Site Continuing Education

St. Elizabeth Hospital is credentialed through the Louisiana State Nurses Association to provide continuing education hours to nurses. St. Elizabeth Hospital's Professional Development Department provides year-round training with Continuing Education Units for required CEUs such as ACLS, PALS, and BLS as well as training with CEUs on a number of elective courses throughout the year.

Tuition Reimbursement

St. Elizabeth Hospital offers eligible full-time and part-time team members partial reimbursement for per semester tuition for relevant college coursework or certification programs. Reimbursement covers up to $1,800 per year depending upon grade. Available to team members who have been employed 12 months or longer.

Certification Program and Nursing Exam Cost Reimbursement

Reimbursement for eligible national certifications in nursing or nursing exams is offered to full-time and part-time nurses who have been employed 12 months or longer.

Certification Pay Differential

Nurses with eligible national nursing certifications receive a per-hour pay differential.