Asthma Education

AIRE (Asthma Intervention and Respiratory Education Program)

Our Asthma Intervention and Respiratory Education Program (AIRE) has been established to help you or your child understand and manage Asthma through education, action plans, medication management and support. Whether you suspect that you or your child has asthma, or you or your child has already been diagnosed with Asthma, the AIRE Program can provide a better understanding of how to live with Asthma.

The program is recommended to those who:

  • Are over the age of 5 years with suspected or diagnosed Asthma

  • Have responded poorly to treatment resulting in poor quality of life

  • Regularly use an anti-inflammatory medication and must use an inhaled beta agonist

  • Experience frequent nighttime episodes of Asthma

  • Use frequent bursts of or daily oral corticosteroids

  • Experience acute Asthma symptoms more than twice a week

  • Exhibit excessive liability on pulmonary function tests and/or highly variable peak flow rates

  • Have recurring visits to the ER or recent hospitalizations due to Asthma

  • Have concern regarding medication compliance, side affects or proper technique of medication administration

The AIRE ®Program Initial Assessment

Comprehensive assessment with Respiratory Therapist including diagnostic testing* (approx. 1 1/2 hours)

*If diagnosis of Asthma is not made during evaluation, then referral may be recommended to PCP or Pediatrician to another specialist.

Educational Sessions

One-on-one sessions with Respiratory Therapist or Board Certified Pulmonologist

Topics May Include:

  • Identifying Triggers

  • Creating and Maintaining Action Plans

  • Medication Management/Compliance

  • Educating Caregivers

  • Improving Quality of Life


Though a physician's approval is required for enrollment in the Asthma Education Program, you can print the referral form online and bring it to your primary care physician or pediatrician, or call to enroll in the program. Before enrollment is completed, your primary care physician will need to be notified and approve the enrollment. In most cases, insurance will not assist in the cost of this program; however, we offer financial assistance to those who qualify. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (225) 647-8511.

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