Hearing Loss Prevention

How Hearing Loss Prevention Works for You

Here is the break-down of the risks and costs job related hearing loss to the employer.

• Increased health benefits costs to employer for rehabilitation
     a) Direct costs of treating hearing related disabilities
           Hearing aids ($800-$3000/yr every 3-5 years for life)
           Hearing/Speech/Occupational Therapy
• Lost opportunity costs from reduced functionality
     a) 55% increased risk of safety related incidents
     b) Reduced capacity to perform hearing critical jobs
     c) Increased interpersonal communication barriers /challenges

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Why custom fit earplugs are a better fit for your ear and your wallet.

• Because custom fit earplugs are molded to the ear canal, they much more comfortable than traditional disposable earplugs
     a. Many people have two different sized ear canals, so a custom fit earplugs are a better way to decrease exposure to harmful noise rates
     b. A Full One Year Warranty for custom fitting is offered by most manufacturers to ensure the safest fit possible
     c. Custom fit earplugs can provide a Noise Reduction Rate of up to 33 decibels
• While traditional disposable earplugs seem to be more effective, a custom fit earplug is far less expensive
     a. Traditional, Disposable Earplugs 3-year cost / employee = $105.30
     (260 work days; 1 pair every other day for three years; box of 100 disposable, corded earplugs roughly cost   $27.00/box)
     b. Custom Fit Earplugs 3-year cost / employee = $75.00
     Depending on the size of your organization; the savings of $30.30/employee can add up rapidly (100 employees =   $3,030.00)

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