Nutrition Education Clinic

St. Elizabeth Hospital's nutrition education clinic offers the tools required to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. A registered dietitian will meet with you and develop a personal plan that will meet your needs and achieve your individual goals.

Participation in this program requires a physician referral or prescription.

Nutrition Solutions-Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Nutrition Solutions Program is a comprehensive medical nutrition therapy and weight loss program that focuses on the entire picture of your health, not just a snapshot of your weight. Our comprehensive program combines education and the PrescriptFit® product line "to help you control disease, produce weight loss and avoid deprivation."

Nutrition Solutions Program starts with PrescriptFit®, complete nutritional food. You can have as much as desired and feel assured of nutritional health. The program does not eliminate any food groups, but rather focuses on food phases including low-fat, low-calorie, structured food groups without eliminating or over-emphasizing any single food group.

PrescriptFit® helps fight disease using branched-chain amino acids. Recent research links these to safely fighting inflammation, cardiac disease, metabolic disorders, and mental health problems (American Journal of Cardiology). You pinpoint where and how symptoms improve. Measures of improvement are tracked using “clinically significant measures” - lab tests performed to test your patients’ blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.

What makes PrescriptFit® different than other nutritional therapy and weight loss products on the market?

  • You choose how fast you see results – mild, moderate or rapid weight loss
  • Uses food groups to control disease, produce weight loss and avoid deprivation
  • No portion size restriction
  • Uses Amino acids to balance metabolism and control hunger
  • Measures weight loss and symptoms
  • Addresses food addiction
  • Explains the science behind cytokine-induced disease
  • Use of companion products such as the PrescriptFit® Medical Nutrition Therapy & Weight Loss calendar and book enhances results

PrescriptFit® products may include shakes, soups, puddings, snack bars, soy crisps, flavorings and supplements and will be used as a tool in conjunction with Nutrition Solutions.

Educational topics may include proper meal planning, nutrition, exercise and motivation. All educational sessions will be taught by a Registered Dietitian.


  • A personalized approach
  • Does not eliminate any food groups
  • Choose how fast you see results
  • Effective meal plans

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