About Your Bill

For information or questions regarding your hospital bill or for an itemized bill of hospital charges call (225) 621-2932.

Patients may receive statements from their physician, anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist or other medical specialists for the services received during their stay at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Payment Options

St. Elizabeth Hospital provides numerous alternatives for patients to pay their outstanding balances for medical services provided. These include but are not limited to cash, personal check, money order, credit card, short-term payment plan or referral to reputable lending institutions. Financial counselors are prepared to assist patients in identifying the most appropriate payment option for them.

St. Elizabeth Hospital accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card for payment of hospital bills.

Delinquent Accounts

St. Elizabeth Hospital consistently refers delinquent accounts to outside collection agencies and/or attorneys for recovery of payments due.

Patient Responsibility

Just as St. Elizabeth Hospital accepts responsibility for providing medical services to patients, patients are responsible for paying for services in a timely manner. At the time of admission, patients are required to sign a "Consent for Treatment" and "Responsibility for Payment" regardless of insurance coverage. Patients should verify the information prior to signing.

Providing St. Elizabeth Hospital holds an assignment of benefits signed by the patient or by virtue of a contract with the payor, the hospital will file a third-party claim with a verified payor.

St. Elizabeth Hospital allows approximately 60 days from the date of discharge or the date of service for a patient's third-party insurer to pay St. Elizabeth Hospital. During this time, patients will receive statements from St. Elizabeth Hospital to keep them aware of the status of their account. Patients are ultimately responsible for payment of their hospital charges. After 60 days, patients are billed directly if payment is not received from their third-party insurer.